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Resident Artists

Our resident artists manage their own bookings.

See below for artists contact and booking information.



Riana began tattooing in 2022, after many years of focusing on fine arts, predominantly focusing on drawing mediums.

Riana has made efforts to explore different styles to be well rounded and able to have fun creating imagery that she finds intriguing.

Working mostly in black and grey. Her designs are inspired by an array of styles, including: suminagashi (liquid), fine-line illustrative, aspects of Japanese styles and neo-traditional.
She looks forward to refining her skills within these styles and finding interesting ways to combine them.

- Owner -


Teagan started tattooing circa 2016, starting out handpoking and made the transition to using machines in 2018.

Teagan is inspired by dark fantasy, the small details of natural objects and ethereal shapes that can flow with the contours of the body.
Teagan specifically works in black and grey. She is known for her shading techniques which build up her designs.


Teagan had worked in a variety of shops and private studios before opening Teddy's Tattoo in May of 2023.


Kale is a self-taught artist, beginning her tattooing journey in May of 2022, with a lot of guidance and encouragement from local tattoo artists.

Kales work is inspired by nature/plants, comics, cartoons, videogames and other artists of all mediums.

Kales style is lighthearted and nostalgic with a focus on fine-line designs.


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